Immerse yourself in a world of wonders just beyond the window as you enjoy a relaxing meal with your loved ones.

Discover the vibrancy that a garden brings into your life.

Our one-of-a-kind gardens are created in harmony between the surroundings and seasons and designed to reveal the natural energy where the heavens meet the earth.


Meet the Designer

rooted in knowledge and experiences developed from the two distinct cultural worldviews of Japan and the UK

Growing up in an old farm house on the outskirts of Kyoto, our home had a traditional Japanese garden complete with bonsai, a small koi pond, etc. But as my entire upbringing took place in this environment, I was unable to appreciate this traditional style of Japan. Rather, I was drawn away from my upbringing and toward Western culture.

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Nori Hamamoto はまもと のりこ

This path eventually led to England where I found an English garden full of flowers, trees, and vivid green lawns. Although the balance and layout of the garden elements were calculated with precision, each plant had its own life that also complemented that of others, creating a singularly beautiful art piece that first captures then soothes the viewer’s heart. The overwhelming impact of this moment was the inspiration for a career in garden design.

I later attended courses in London to learn the art of garden design. One day, while browsing a book on Japanese gardens with my classmates, the images struck my heart. They were similar to the gardens I knew as a child, however I was suddenly able to recognize the solemn serenity of the Japanese garden, embodying the Japanese aesthetic ideal of nature in harmony with each and every natural object.

After this period, I found my life mentor in the late John Brookes, a legend and master of garden design, with whom I had the fortunate experience of working as his assistant. While engaging in various projects, I was also learning about Japanese gardens, landscape and natural environments at a university in Kyoto. In an assistant role with a large-scale Japanese garden construction business, I enjoyed international acclaim that helped rekindle my appreciation of the Japanese garden.

My design work is rooted in knowledge and experiences developed from the two distinct cultural worldviews of Japan and the UK. A Japanese “reverence for nature”, and the British ideal of “living everyday life with mindful care.” Knowing and cherishing the essence of each aesthetic and finding ways to integrate them, I create unique one-of-a-kind gardens that will forever bring you joy. Special requests and conditions can also be incorporated into the gardens I design for both private and commercial spaces. I look forward to working with you.


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Work History

Personal Profile

Nori Hamamoto

Hamamoto Garden Design opened as a private office in 1999. As a representative, Nori worked on various projects primarily for private residences, as well as for commercial facilities and show garden exhibitions. She also serves as an executive board member of Japan Association of Professional Garden Designers (JAG). In 2007, she completed the landscape design course of study at Kyoto University of Art and Design, and currently teaches at this university as an adjunct instructor. Outside of academics, Nori stays busy with her private practice, her continued involvement in garden exhibitions, as well as media interviews and appearances domestically and abroad.

Noteworthy Achievements


Accepted into Gardening Japan Cup, Miyazaki Green Expo.


Supervised John Brookes’ British garden exhibition at Japan Flora 2000.


Participated as plant advisor for “A Real Japanese Garden”, Chelsea Flower Show


Selected as a designer in residence for International Roses and Gardening Show. Appeared as an instructor in TV program titled “Shumi-no-Engei” (lit. Hobby Gardening), Japan Broadcasting Corporation.


Served as assistant of Japanese garden design and construction supervision at a large-scale commercial facility (Chiba) and collective housing site (Tokyo).


Served as assistant of Japanese garden design and construction supervision at an accommodation facility in London.


Became a member of the design team for the main garden exhibition of Marunouchi Garden Show, Nadeshiko Garden.


Appeared as an instructor in TV program titled “Shumi-no-Engei” (lit. gardening of hobby), Japan Broadcasting Corporation.


Selected as a designer in residence for International Roses and Gardening Show.


Served as designer and supervisor of a Jodo sect Buddhist temple garden in Kyoto


Appeared as a guest designer with an interview in the BBC documentary, "Monty Don's Japanese Gardens," series 1, ep. 1.

Start to Finish

Service Flow

1. Consultation

After initial discussions and mutual agreement to proceed, billable services begin with an in-depth consultation and site visit including:

  • Meeting all family members
  • Access to blueprints or floor plans
  • 2-3 hours time
  • Site survey if necessary

2. Proposal

The design proposal at this stage will be offered with perspective drawing or rendering and a quotation, which we may then use for further discussion and final decisions.

3. Construction

Construction begins on site with help from my partnered landscaping contractor. I personally supervise throughout, and while not always present on site, I select all plants and their respective layout locations for the project. An on-site interpreter may also be arranged upon request if needed.

4. Follow Up

Follow up consultation upon project completion.

Periodical maintenance is also available according to your budget. Select from either an annual service contract or a single one-time service.

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